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The Retro Network 2022 Halloween Special

The Retro Network 2022 Halloween Special features shows across the network celebrating Halloween together!

Stranger Things S4 Pt1 Roundtable Review

Join Eric, Gary, Adam, and Jason for a Roundtable Review of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

Book of Boba Fett Roundtable Review

Join Tach, Pete, Kevin, and Jason for a Roundtable Review of Book of Boba Fett. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

Cobra Kai Season 4 Roundtable Review

Join Eric, Wyatt, and Jason for a Roundtable Review of Cobra Kai Season 4. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

Retro Ramblings: Cheeseburgers and Comics

In the first episode of Retro Ramblings, host Mickey invites guests to talk cheeseburgers and comics. He also fields some questions received on social media.

The Retro Network 2020 Christmas Special

The Retro Network Christmas Special features shows across the network celebrating Christmas together!

TRN Talks Eddie Van Halen

Eric, James, and David talk the musical legacy of Eddie Van Halen who recently passed away at 65.

The Retro Network 2020 Halloween Special

The Retro Network Halloween Special features spooky segments of network shows including Box Office 30, Situation Jukebox, Wizards, The House Show, Bracket Madness, and...

TRN Talks Star Wars Day 2020

Jason hosts a fun Star Wars Day discussion with Eric, Stacey, and Tim talking early fandom, experiences, and how we stay connected with the franchise.

TRN Talks Weird VHS Tapes

Adam, Chad, and Jason dive into those weird and obscure VHS tapes that they've held onto or found while thrift store shopping.

TRN Talks Sticker Collecting

Remember when you collected scratch-n-sniff and puffy stickers and put them in a "sticker album?" Jason, Ben, and Shawn reminisce about those days and why they still c...

TRN Talks Toy Fair 2020

The Retro Network's talk show podcast returns with Jason, Stacey, and Chad reacting to all the retro-minded products from Toy Fair 2020!

Cobra Kai Season 2 Roundtable Review

Join Mickey, Gary, and Jason as they show no mercy in their Roundtable Review of YouTube's Cobra Kai Season 2. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

TRN Talks VHS Collecting and Home Video Memories

Adam, Chad, and Jason talk collecting VHS tapes and remember the original days of Home Video.

GLOW Season 3 Roundtable Review

Join Stacey, Adam, Dave, and Jason as they fly off the top rope and into the ring to review season 3 of the Netflix GLOW series. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!

Stranger Things 3 Roundtable Review

Join Stacey, Eric, and Jason as they take a deep dive into season 3 of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' in this TRN Roundtable Review. SPOILERS WARNING!!!

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